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The internet is filled with endless information, but a quality SEO strategy will help you cut through the noise and attract ideal customers.

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Generate new leads like magic. Proven SEO strategies that scale your organic traffic month over month.

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Unlike paid traffic, quality SEO can provide years of marketing benefit without continued spend.

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The average internet user's attention is so limited that it's imperative you show up as one of the top results on a regular basis.

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Generating thousands of visits to your website doesn't matter if they aren't actually searching for what you offer.

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100% Done-For-You SEO Management

Competitor Analysis

We first look at how competitive the space is and how much search volume is available. This allows us to project realistic outcomes and associated budget.

Keyword Research & Tracking

When building a keyword strategy, we're trying to find missed opportunities and search "angles" that other competitors may have overlooked. These small wins add up over time.

Backlink Strategy & Curation

Building quality backlinks from reputable sources that have high domain authority is the "right" way to execute on this element of SEO. There's no benefit to links from shady websites.

Topical Authority Planning

Topical authority is a concept I borrowed from media sites. Cover a topic as thoroughly as you can - this adds credibility. We use this approach when creating blog content.

Blog Content Production

Most local SEO companies write very low quality content. We have a filter that all of our content goes through. It has to be useful and it has be well written for both humans and search engines.

Monthly Reporting

We provide simple, transparent reporting. We don't overwhelm our clients with long reports that they can't understand. The goal is to deliver actionable, relevant information.

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See your SEO roadmap

A 12-month plan that eliminates errors and attacks the identified opportunities

Understand your competitors

You likely have multiple successful competitors - let's learn from them

Identify clear opportunities

Most companies can benefit from building a long term discipline around SEO

Just what we needed!

We needed a SEO agency we could trust to get results. Magic has been the perfect partner and I don't see why we would ever switch. They are just what we needed.


How long will it take to see results with SEO?

We will recommend a package with the intention to rank within 6-9 months. Often our clients see results in just a few months. How quickly you get results depends on how competitive your industry is and how established your business is.

How long do I need to run an SEO campaign for?

We recommend committing to at least 12 months. This will allow us to establish rankings and provide us time to cement your position. Often what we will do after 12 months is recommend a reduced package which focuses on maintaining existing rankings rather than chasing new ones.

Do you guarantee rankings?

Any SEO agency or contractor who guarantees rankings is being disingenuous. There is too many factors that are outside of an SEO’s  control to guarantee a certain position or ranking. With that said, we have never had a client not hit the first page for their targeted keyword.

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